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 PART - 1
A Syrian gentleman 58 years came to the clinic 05-11-2004 with complaining of right oculomotor plegia. He was referred as a case of meningioma and he was sent for more MRI and MRA investigations, which confirmed the diagnosis of right posterior  clinoid meningioma. The patient start to complain of Diplopea for 2 days  then the last 2 weeks progressed complete right oculomotor plegia. The patient was admitted to Al-Shmaisani hospital 09-11-2004 and was operated the same day.



Brain MRI & MRA

done 2 days before surgery, showing posterior clinoid meningioma  growing parasellar directions with involvement of the right ICA, M1 and M2. The right optic nerve was pushed antero-medially and the right posterior communicating artery was pushed inferior and the compressed oculomotor nerve inferiorly was not involved. Notice that the left A1 was missing, making the surgical task more challenging.  The anterior parts of the tumor was invading the right ICA and adherent to its wall and the anterior choroidal artery was pushed medial. CT-scan done the same postoperative day was uneventful, but the second postoperative day it showed massive infarction of the right occipital lobe due to remote spasm of the right posterior cerebral artery. The patient was given clexane 40 mg once and the third postoperative CT-scan showed petechial haemorrhages, for what clexane was decreased to 20 mg daily.




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