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The patient  an old man with gradual deterioration of his gait with bilateral sciatica and intermittent claudication and inability to walk for more than 10-15 meters. The condition is progressing and he had severe weak dorsi and planterflexion of his feet with hypalgesia of both feet . He has no diabetes mellitus, nor arterial hypertension. MRI performed showing severe stenosis of L3-4.

The patient underwent surgery and all the compressive elements were eliminated and bilateral foraminotomy of both L4 roots was performed. It was noticeable, that there was mild instability of the L3-4 facet, but check for major instability of flail parts was negative. Inspection of the roots during that was evaluated and it was decided to leave the structures without any violation.

Prompt immediate postoperative improvement of power of the feet in the recovery room.



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