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The patient a baby 4 months age felt with his mother and the head was accidentally pushed by her elbow 10 days ago without loss of consciousness, but got pig pong depressed fracture of the right parietal bone.

Elevation of the depressed fracture was done. After completing the reduction and closure, the bone regained another time the depression, for what scrubbing was done another time. During that the depression reduced by itself? Anyhow, the wound was reopened and further reduction, so as to make new cracks and over-reduction was done.


1. It is preferable to perform the surgery during the first 2-5 days after surgery to achieve easy reduction. After that, the bone start to adopt the new configuration and reduction could be liable to return to depressed configuration as in this case.

2. In case of 30 days delay, reduction could be impossible by this method of elevation, and reflection of the bone up-down  could be the only solution.


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