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The patient came to the clinic 27-December-2005 complaining of neck and right upper limb pain for 2 years with exacerbation of the pain the last 2 months. MRI performed 26-December-2005 showing bulging disci C4-5 and C5-6 with a mass at the level of C5 lamina compressing the spinal cord from behind causing malacia of the spinal cord, located extradurally mideolateral to the right. On examination; the patient had severe weak grip and extension of the right hand with weak right triceps muscle  and hypalgesia of the entire right hand.

The patient was operated: from posterior approach drilling of the C5 lamina and partially of C4 and 6 was done form the right side.  The mass was adherent to the dura and it was necessary to use sharp dissection to separate it from the dura. It was giving seed to the right C6 root, for what, foraminotomy of C6 was performed to remove all the pathologic suspected masses, which resemble a grnulomatous character. Routine closure. The lesion was sent for histologic studies.

Uneventful postoperative course.

The patient came 08-January-2006 with good recovery of her neurological status with the pathological result confirming tuberculous granulomatous character of the lesion. The patient was sent to undergo treatment for tb.



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