The first graphic present the advantages of low subfrontal approach in minimizing the traction injury during surgery and widening the operative field to gain access to the important anatomical structures. The second graphic showing the avoidance of performing bur hole above the eyes in the middle of the face, when performing the bifrontal approach. The third graph demonstrating the stages of monofrontal approach with preservation of the olfactory tracts. The fourth graph demonstrating the stages of mobilization of the olfactory bulb and tract with preservation of the feeding arteries down to the trigone. The fifth graph showing the typical appearance of the bifrontal approach. Notice the miniretractor developed by Tigliev G.S at that time. Graph six demonstrating the anatomical structures  after removal of a giant pituitary adenoma with mobilization and preservation of the olfactory tracts.

Note: The presentations are from the dissertation, and they belong to the author personally, since they were drawn by himself. They are copywrited.

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