This site is nonprofit, directed mainly to the  medical and neurosurgical audience, partially aimed to present the    operative and academic activities of Prof. Munir A. Elias Shawash over 25 year period
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Anterior & lateral spinal cysts
Arnold-Chiari malformation
Avoidance of cosmetic deformity in petroclival approaches
Brown-Sequard syndrome due to PCD C5-6
Cervical discectomy-new concepts
Congenital torticollis
Discectomy prolapsed lumbar disc
Drilling help minimize surgical trauma during flavotomy
ENT Induced complications
Extensive glomus jugulare resection & facial anastomosis direct from the brainstem
Optic chiasm glioma
Paraplegia discussion
Metastatic brain tumors
Single metastatic brain tumours
Basics in metastatic brain tumors

Intraspinal cysts
Isthmic spondylolisthesis
Highly malignant endocrine carcinoma mimicking
posterior clinoid meningioma
List of neurosurgical operations performed by the
author during 1980-1996
Modified osteoplastic midline suboccipital approach
New method in cubital tunnel release.
Old established standards of carpal tunnel release.
Recurrent prolapsed lumbar disc
Tethered cord syndrome
Tuberculous granulomatous  compression of the
cervical spine

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